Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone has what they need, where every community thrives, where research and public policy are about, for and by all of us and the society we imagine becomes reality.  We envision The Praxis Project implementing innovative, effective capacity building initiatives in partnership with communities of color around the world. 

We see ourselves as an institution that:

  • is justice centered
  • is accountable and well managed
  • values and engages local communities and their institutions
  • is committed to the needs and priorities of communities of color
  • is passionate and ethical
  • is grounded in a social justice and social determinants of health framework
  • is participatory and democratic
  • breaks down traditional boundaries and builds bridges between disciplines and communities
  • is fearless
  • is informed by research and best practice
  • is respectful and community competent
  • incorporates humor and play in its work