“We are now at a critical stage, where each minute that passes is extremely taxing mentally and physically. Many of us participating since day one are suffering what may be irreversible damage, and are facing a very real possibility of death.”

--Pelican Bay hunger striker and Short Corridor representative Aurturo Castellano 55 Days on Hunger Strike

The news came as a shocker and reverberated across the country last week when a Federal judge ruled that New York’s notorious stop-and-frisk policy violated the constitutional rights of the people of color targeted by police, dubbing it a “policy of indirect racial profiling.”

While there will be no immediate changes to the tactics on the ground, as Mayor Bloomberg angrily declared, there will be a pilot program in five NYC precincts to record the street encounters between police and those who are stopped and frisked.

BYP100 has created a toolkit of aggregated resources inspired by the murder of Trayvon Martin. It includes readings on race, gender and justice as well as action steps. Download the kit here.


As a follow up to the April 5th edition of The App on private v. public debt and austerity measures, there is even more evidence showing the growing negative impact of austerity measures in Europe and North America.

Farmers of Color Not The Problem: It’s Institutional Racism


More than Mentally Ill: The Misplaced Conversation on Gun Violence

“The common ground rests on a simple proposition, and that is that criminals and the dangerously mentally ill shouldn’t have guns. I don’t know anyone who disagrees with that premise.”

-Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA)