The day before the 50th anniversary March on Washington, scores of young activists and unionists converged on a “legislative factory” just outside of Washington DC in Arlington, VA.

In an escalating nationwide protest, thousands of fast-food workers in 60 cities from coast to coast walked off their jobs on August 29th, a day after the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.


Strikers are seeking raises to $15 an hour, paid sick leave and the right to unionize America’s second-biggest employer, the restaurant industry, which is predicting its 2013 profits will “reach a record high of $660.5 billion.”   

“We are now at a critical stage, where each minute that passes is extremely taxing mentally and physically. Many of us participating since day one are suffering what may be irreversible damage, and are facing a very real possibility of death.”

--Pelican Bay hunger striker and Short Corridor representative Aurturo Castellano 55 Days on Hunger Strike


Activist and scholar Vijay Prashad discusses accountability across the production chain in the Savar, Bangladesh factory collapse last week that left more than 800 people dead.

As a follow up to the April 5th edition of The App on private v. public debt and austerity measures, there is even more evidence showing the growing negative impact of austerity measures in Europe and North America.