Bill de Blasio has put out a helpful infographic to help understand just how many people are being stopped by police in New York City, and where they were stopped, and what ethnicity they just so happened to be when they were stopped. more

McDonald’s shareholders recently voted down a proposal by Corporate Accountability International that would have required the company to evaluate its impact on public health, particularly childhood obesity. In rebuffing the proposal, McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner argued that the company markets responsibly to children. more

The online convention — broadcast locally from the McAllen Convention Center — was organized by the Equal Voice for America’s Families, a nationwide group that advocates on behalf of low-income families. Mike Seifert, who coordinates its efforts in the Rio Grande Valley, said the convention is a continuation of efforts that began when the Equal Voice network was created during the 2008 presidential election. more


By AyeNay Abye, Field Director

I don’t buy Coca-Cola products. I don’t eat McDonalds. I don’t engage in online marketing gimmicks. So I wondered why I received multiple advertisements from Diet Coke to participate in their #showyourheart Twitter Campaign.

Right to the City Alliance, a national alliance of racial, economic, and environmental justice organizations is celebrating a major victory for affordable housing with Fannie May this week.

Tanya Fields, an urban farmer in South Bronx was invited to TedX Manhattan, a conference focused on the food movement last year, only to find out a few months later that she had been disinvited. The organizer, Diane Hatz of the Glynwood Institute claimed that Fields was “not ready” for the event.