Lunch lines are moving a lot faster at the Middle-High School cafeteria — thanks to a program called NutriKids. Last month, the school implemented a computerized checkout system in the cafeteria that allows students to punch in their I.D. numbers or swipe I.D. cards to purchase lunch. more

New York City is the only area in the state, and one of only two in the nation, that continues to require fingerprints for access to food stamps. Governor Cuomo this week announced plans to nix the rule, calling it an unnecessary "stigma," but the mayor isn't pleased. more

The Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the state isn't meeting its constitutional obligation to amply pay for basic public education, but the justices gave an endorsement to the reform work the Legislature has already started. more



There are signs, very positive signs that the respite in action this year, coming off the upsurge of resistance in 2011, is coming to a close. Progressive social movements in the United States are gaining in strength, confidence and clarity and are preparing themselves for sustained resistance against the program of neo-liberal austerity being advanced by multinational corporations and instituted by government. 



The ongoing and escalating proxy war in Syria between the forces of Western imperialism (the US, NATO, Turkey and Israel) and its monarchial Arabian Gulf state allies on the one hand, and Iran and its Russian, Chinese, and Non-Aligned Movement allies on the other, is steadily unraveling the United Nations (UN) and threatening to draw the major nation-state powers in the world (chief amongst them the United States, its NATO allies in Europe, Russia and China) into a fourth world war[1].