A new study published in the journal Health Affairs shows that a one-cent-per-ounce tax on sugary beverages would prevent nearly 26,000 lives, generate $13 billion in tax revenues, and save $17 billion in healthcare-related expenses. more

New York City’s health department releases an ad campaign that has spurred controversy over its visual shock element that links soda consumption with amputations. more

The Food and Drug Administration's latest move concerning the use of antibiotics in farm animals garnered a good deal of praise last week, but public health advocates say much more is needed. more



While most of the people of African descent in the United States will be watching Obama’s pole numbers and shuttering in fear at the next feudal inspired declaration of Romney, there is another upcoming election with profound implications for people of African descent throughout the Americas.


Hey Praxis Fam!

It's September, and it's time for the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, happening this week at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center!


There are signs, very positive signs that the respite in action this year, coming off the upsurge of resistance in 2011, is coming to a close. Progressive social movements in the United States are gaining in strength, confidence and clarity and are preparing themselves for sustained resistance against the program of neo-liberal austerity being advanced by multinational corporations and instituted by government.