The new “Pepsi MAX for Life” video contest will reward two winners with a lifetime supply of the beverage. more

A study by Yale University researchers shows that advergames – branded online games – increase children’s consumption of junk foods. more

Communities fight the proliferation of Dollar Stores arguing that the cheap foods they offer negatively affect the health of residents. more


WOW!  MANY THANKS to all the individuals who dropped off food, canvassed, brought supplies and worked with us all day to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  Over 500 residents from Chinatown and the Lower East Side came to our office to get their phones charged, to get food and supplies, and most importantly to get INFORMATION.  
This is the state of where things are at:


In March of this year, I proposed to several comrades within the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and several other radical Black formations that we take some initiative to develop a grassroots platform and national organizing process to develop a Black Agenda. For many reasons, chief amongst them my lack of capacity to initiate and sustain the initiative as envisioned, this small effort did not come together. That it, or something akin to it, needs to, I think goes without question given the living conditions of the vast majority of our people.



On November 7th, regardless of whether President Obama is reelected, or if Romney will assume the post of President and replace him, African and all oppressed and working people are going to be in for a ruff ride the next four years and beyond as a direct result of the agendas both of these figures and their respective parties are aiming to pursue.